Thursday, December 11, 2008

About our Pacas

Welcome to Windy Ridge Ranch Alpacas, The Tharps, and Egelands;

We have 29 alpacas, 1 llama, and a great pyr guard dog on 20 acres. We are trying to adjust to the climate here, and the seasons. We came from Laramie, Wy and sat a little over 7200 feet, and now we are sitting at 3500 feet. The alpacas had to adjust to 100+ degree days through the summer (Laramie highs were around 85). This weekend will feel more like Wy with the highs of -6 degrees for 2-3 days. Yuck.

We were graced by 4 cria (baby alpacas) this summer, even better 3 were girls and 1 boy. We had some very great friends baby watch at their place for us while we moved. We wouldn't have been able to make all of our trips if it wasn't for Jim and Gail from Beartooth Alpacas of Roberts, MT. We look forward to 6 cria in 2009.

What brought us to MT? Well, Jamie fell for one of our ranch workers (Erik) in the spring/summer of 2007. Windy Perkins, our boss was selling out, and we had no plans where we were going. We took over the business name from Windy as we were well known by Windy Ridge Ranch Alpacas in the industry, and wanted to continue on without having to make that change. Erik was attending Wyo Tech in Laramie and graduated as a diesel tech, moved back to Billings, MT, and went to work for I-State Truck center. Again he was a big part of the move and continues to help out at the ranch. Jamie decided to move, and we found a place that would work for the animals. So here we are.

Lonnie is a store manager for Office Depot. He misses being able to work outside everyday, but seems to be adjusting well. He does what he can to help and is really good at giving the meds that Jamie can't make it out to the ranch to give.

Lorna has learned how to do a lot on her own. She is the stay at home alpaca mom. Justine was at home for a while, but moved back to Laramie, Wy. So now Lorna is all on her own. She finds lots of ways to fill the day and more. She has done lots of projects on her own and has surprised us all. We are really proud of here.

Jamie lives in the city of Billings with Erik. She is Managing at the local Super 8, and loving it. She misses the alpacas everyday, but still tries to make it out as much as she can.

This is a little update for Windy Ridge Ranch, Jamie, Erik, Lorna, Lonnie, and the herd.

Thanks for visiting :)

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