Saturday, February 14, 2009

First Ranch Visit At New Place

We are gearing up for our first Ranch visit at the new ranch. We have some great people from Germany staying at the hotel and they will be visiting tomorrow. It has taken a while to get into the swing of things, but here we go.

Friday, February 6, 2009

website in construction

Final one for the night....
We are building a website, so check out

Life update-

Here is a quick life update on us all-

Lonnie is still managing at the Office Depot. He would much rather be golfing in AZ and working outside all day, but he is hanging in there.

Lorna is the stay at home paca mom. She does a very good job at keeping them fed, safe, and healthy.

Jamie and Erik still live in Billings. Jamie is managing at the Super 8, and Erik is turning big wrenches for I-State Truck center.

Jessica and Derek are living in Montevideo MN. Jessica finished CNA courses and now works for a nursing home there. Derek is still working as a part time sheriff and a full time city cop.

Justine has a boyfriend is now living with him in Laramie WY. She is working at a Honda call center and also trying to get on at the Hilton Garden Inn. Her boyfriend Tyler is working at Little Ceasers, and also as a truss builder.

The pacas are doing good, and our long awaited cria from Maddi is showing lots of movement. We should have a little one on the ground in little over a month. Then another in April with the rest to arrive in June.
Lorna and Jamie will be traveling to Denver CO for the GWAS alpaca show in May.

Hope everyone reading this post is doing will in the new year.

Dedication to September Morn!!

September Morn died on January 19, 2009. She fought a long hard battle, but in the end she just couldn't beat the infection that had traveled to her inner ear and then to her brain. It has been a little different not having her in the barn. The alpacas took about a week to adjust to the loss of a herd mate.

She will always be remembered for all of the corky things she did. She was a spoiled girl who loved her apples, and before the ear infections she would stand on her back feet for her treats. Just like a dog does to beg.

We still get teary eyed every once in a while when we think of her adorable face, but are comforted knowing she won't suffer any more.

She was loved by many, and is now grazing on the green pastures of heaven:)