Friday, February 6, 2009

Dedication to September Morn!!

September Morn died on January 19, 2009. She fought a long hard battle, but in the end she just couldn't beat the infection that had traveled to her inner ear and then to her brain. It has been a little different not having her in the barn. The alpacas took about a week to adjust to the loss of a herd mate.

She will always be remembered for all of the corky things she did. She was a spoiled girl who loved her apples, and before the ear infections she would stand on her back feet for her treats. Just like a dog does to beg.

We still get teary eyed every once in a while when we think of her adorable face, but are comforted knowing she won't suffer any more.

She was loved by many, and is now grazing on the green pastures of heaven:)

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